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CCINP is a Chamber of Commerce between the Netherlands and Portugal that is focused on exploring the possibilities of establishing a relationship between the two countries, which have a long history.

It is a group of entrepreneurs and companies from various areas, which have the intention to take new leaps forward with a new vision.

A corporate and institutional network in both countries has flourished, making room for a universe of new partnerships in the most diverse areas that will enable and allow for: Consultancy [...]

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Taking advantage of Portugal’s privileged relationship with other regions of the globe, it seeks to enrich contact between the Galicia-Portugal and Benelux Euro Regions and their contact with other continents, [...]

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Taking advantage of the presence of a new generation in the Netherlands and in Portugal, with different references and a fresh look at what relations between the two regions can [...]

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CCINP’s goal is to be a support hub for relations between Portugal and Benelux, which complements the role of other agencies by multiplying channels for investment, in order to: Reinforce [...]

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CCINP is committed to supporting a multistakeholder impact economy – business for impact

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