Our Executive Team

Marisa Monteiro Borsboom is a distinguished Portuguese lawyer with a deep passion for fostering cross-border business relationships and recent recipient of the Women Changing the World Award. As a co-founder of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Netherlands Portugal, Marisa brings a wealth of legal expertise to the organization's board. With her extensive background in international organisations and as a member of an international community of women reaching 190 000 women, she is a valuable asset in promoting commercial ties between the Netherlands and Portugal.

Marisa's commitment to facilitating economic cooperation between these two nations is evident in her dedication to the Chamber's mission. Her legal acumen and international perspective have contributed significantly to the organization's success in creating a vibrant and collaborative business environment. Marisa's leadership and vision continue to drive the Chamber's mission forward, making her an indispensable member of the board.

Diana Oord-Timmermans is a seasoned Dutch accountant with a commitment to promoting trade and commerce between the Netherlands and Portugal. As one of the founding members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Netherlands Portugal, Diana brings her extensive financial expertise to the organization's board.

With a career spanning decades in accounting, Diana possesses an in-depth understanding of Dutch financial regulations, taxation, and financial reporting. Her dedication to fostering economic ties between these two nations is evident in her active involvement in the Chamber's initiatives.

Diana's financial insights and strategic thinking have been instrumental in advancing the Chamber's mission to facilitate bilateral trade and investment. Her unwavering commitment to promoting cross-border business relationships has made her an invaluable member of the board, contributing to the Chamber's continued success in strengthening economic cooperation between the Netherlands and Portugal.

Filipe Pereira brings a multifaceted background and a wealth of experience to his role, making him a pivotal figure within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Netherlands Portugal.

In recent years, Filipe has strategically expanded his expertise by delving into the realm of research, bolstering his skill set to encompass a deep understanding of business development and strategic thinking. This new knowledge has become a powerful asset that he seamlessly combines with his extensive work experience and a profound understanding of corporate, product, and brand communication.

With a career spanning various industries, Filipe's unique perspective and skillset blend seamlessly with his strategic line of thinking. This combination makes him a versatile and influential leader in the Chamber, driving forward its mission and objectives with a keen eye on innovation and effective communication.

As the Vice President, Filipe Pereira plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the organization, leveraging his diverse background to steer it toward continued growth and success. His dedication to research, business development, and strategic thinking sets the tone for the Chamber's progress, ensuring its relevance and impact in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Ana Dias e Seixas is a seasoned professional with a wealth of international experience spanning across diverse industries, including Travel & Tourism, Automotive, Aviation, and European Rail Travel. As the Deputy President and Head of Partnerships for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Netherlands Portugal, she brings a dynamic blend of skills and a global perspective to the table.

With a strong network and an open-minded approach, Ana has built and led multicultural teams across the world, reflecting her commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation. Her management style is characterized by adaptability and versatility, making her a true generalist in the field, driven by her unwavering focus on delivering tangible results.

Ana's expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of areas, including Strategic Marketing & Sales Management, Product Development, Project & Business Development, and Market Research. Her track record is marked by a consistent commitment to excellence and a penchant for driving growth through strategic initiatives.

With Ana Dias e Seixas at the helm, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Netherlands Portugal is in capable hands, benefitting from her unparalleled leadership and her ability to forge meaningful partnerships that drive economic success and foster global cooperation.

Dion Janssen, The CEO of the Dutch MDT Group of companies, could not foresee a future of entrepreneurial success when he worked as a Radiographer. But from these beginnings and well- intentioned efforts that’s exactly what he became – a  successful and well-known businessman. In 1983 he left the hospital to pursue his dream of  owning his own Medical Development company together with a partner who became his  wife.

As the CEO of a successful medical device group of companies he nurtured several startups; one of them was acquired by Origio a Danish company and subsequently incorporated in Cooper surgical, an American Multinational.

In 1987 he started developing Speech recognition systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) in multiple languages and specialisms and in close cooperation with leading blue-chip  companies. Thousands of systems were installed in the medical, legal and consumer field. This company was finally also acquired and integrated in a large IT manufacturer.

In 2010 he could start focusing on his research of personal radiation protection of the  Interventionalist. In 2013 he founded a state-of-the-art R & D and Manufacturing facility; MDT Xray Portugal (also known as Sophisticati Portugal) together with his wife.  About fifty-five countries are being served from this location.

As a recognised technology leader, he became a sought-after public speaker at several European interventionalist congresses about the subject of International guidelines on Radiation protection.

Dion Janssen is currently working on special protective compounds together with other Portuguese companies for radiation protection and starting up special programs for internships for students of universities as Porto (FEUP) and Coimbra. His daughter Sophie is now stepping into the footsteps of her parents with MDT Xray.

Linda Pereira is the senior partner and Chairwoman of the Advantage Consultants Group and CEO of CPL Events. In addition to her long and respected career as one of the most influential voices in the Meetings Industry, she is respected internationally as a communication strategist, speaker, writer and as an educator. She has been an invited speaker in over 149 cities and all continents. She is also most proud of being invited by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a keynote speaker at a national event.

She is internationally known as the Destination Diva for her work in destination promotion and branding and as expert bidder and is a feared competitor. She is often contracted by a variety of destinations to present bids on their behalf.

She has played an active role in many major events and bids for world events. She has worked on the major events which marked the last 30 years. She is also an invited lecturer at three different international Universities where she lectures strategic meetings management, corporate diplomacy, destination branding and international protocol. She is recognized for her efficiency and professionalism and thinking outside the box. She is absolutely passionate about associations and sits on a variety of international association boards herself. Linda is also a consultant to a variety of international Governments and Associations.

She is considered one of Europe’s most influential voices in the industry and has received various education awards from around the world. She received the medal of honour for responsible entrepreneurship for her commitment to promoting culture and heritage and for CSR initiatives.

She was voted one of world’s top 100 PCOs for three consecutive years and is consistently invited as a keynote speaker by all the major professional associations. She is listed among the top 100 Women CEOs of ecommerce companies by WE magazine from the USA. In 2021 and 2022 she was also considered one of the top 50 Women Rocking the Web.

She was the European Ambassador for the Sands COTAI Macao’ for five years, and is the current ambassador for the City of Johannesburg in South Africa and the country of Georgia. She sits on various Advisory Boards, and various juries on Events Industry Awards as well as Education Committees.

She was the Chair of the International and European Association Congress for three years. She was voted the Events Personality of the Year and received the Global Marketing Personality Award from WE Magazine in the USA. She has also received numerous business awards. he was the President of the Global Council for Women in Leadership. She is currently President of a Women Investor’s Group which attracts investment and venture capital for companies founded by women.

In 2021 she became the Global 100 Chair for Communication and Advocacy. She has recently been appointed Secretary-General of the Observatory for the Future of Humanity. She has been an activist for gender parity for over 30 years and sits on the board of both the Women’s Chamber Portugal-India and Portugal-Holland. She also sits on the Board of the Vale da Rosa Foundation. She has also been special advisor to various Ministers for Tourism, and Consultant to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She sits on the Advisory Council for the Leader Magazine and the Venues of Excellence Certification Board. She considers her two daughters to be her greatest achievement. She is currently the Chair of the Women’s Economic Forum in Portugal, Namibia, Angola and Dubai. She is also listed in the Brainz CREA Global Awards- a prestigious list of top entrepreneurs, influential leaders, and innovators who have been recognized for their innovative ideas, resourcefulness, adaptability in business and contributions to sustainability!

In July 22 Linda received an Honorary Doctorate (PhD) by RAI University in India in recognition for her exceptional dedication to improving the lives of others, through research, activism, education, public service, and philanthropy. In 2023 she was voted Woman of the Decade by the Women’s Economic Forum UK.

As the Managing Director of Noesis in the Netherlands, Rodolfo Pereira has dedicated his career to driving positive change and fostering innovation. Since 2011, he has passionately guided Noesis towards audacious endeavors aimed at creating lasting value in the realms of software, quality assurance, infrastructure, and talent development.

His journey within IT industry evolving from a Software Developer to his current role, has been marked by transformative milestones, including his pivotal role in enhancing the company's impact and recognition in the industry.

Dirk Bloem is a dedicated professional who brings a blend of legal expertise and a passion for international business to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Netherlands Portugal. Dirk's journey with the Chamber began in 2021, driven by his background in law and a deep-seated interest in the world of international business. This combination positions him as an invaluable asset within the organization.

Dirk's commitment to the Chamber’s mission is unwavering. His legal knowledge provides a solid foundation for understanding the intricacies of international business transactions and operations. This dual perspective allows him to navigate the complexities of business operations with a comprehensive understanding of both the legal and practical aspects.

As the Head of Operations, Dirk Bloem plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of the Chamber. His unique background and fresh perspective contribute to the organization's growth and effectiveness, and his ability to bridge the gap between law and international business fosters a dynamic and successful operational environment.

Helena Rodrigues is the Founder and CEO of allby.

Allby, founded in 2016, is a business strategy consultancy and creative marketing company with strong international experience in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Her role as a CEO is to add value through strategic planning and action, motivating teams, guiding them through their vision and allowing them to grow within and beyond the business. With nearly 20 years of experience in Management and Marketing gained across several business areas, her background is in the pharmaceutical industry at companies including AstraZeneca and Baxter.

Helena also graduated in Philosophy with a Marketing Master's and a specialisation in Strategy and Management. In 2018, she received the Enterprising Women Magazine award in the "Up to $2 million in annual revenue" category after founding the company in 2016. Helena was the 1st Portuguese woman to speak at the Arabe League in Egypt at a Women's Business Conference right after the Second Arab Spring in 2018. Chair of the Women Presidents' Organization in Portugal and a member of WPO London, she is also a member of UnitedSuccess and a founding member of WomenWinWin. Education, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, mainly Woman Empowerment and Mentoring, are areas she loves and actively participates in, like NetMentora by Réseau Entreprendre (as a Mentor), Junior Achievement (Young Students Training) and Professional Women's Network Lisbon (Corporate Women Network).
For believing in values that aim at cooperation, inclusion, globalisation and, above all, Portuguese talent spread worldwide and within "home", she is also a Board Member and Head of Marketing and Communications Committé of Diáspora Prime Portugal.

Mother of twins, Helena, defends quality over quantity time in family and professional life. Proactivity, consistent experience, and strategic vision support her commitment to embracing each new challenge.

Xavier Correia, has had a distinguished career marked by impactful roles and diverse experiences. Xavier's professional journey includes pivotal roles at renowned organizations. He served as a Global AIESEC Coordinator at ING, managing global partnerships and internal communications for ING's International Talent Programme.

His expertise further thrives in his current position as a Scout Lead at Unknown Group - a business development and venture capital firm based in The Hague, where he analyses, researches and accelerates top-notch startups and scale ups worldwide by connecting founders with industry leaders, facilitating collaborations and possible investments in open innovation activities.

However, Xavier's leadership journey began with AIESEC, where he held various roles for 6 years, such as National Director of AIESEC in Portugal and moving later on to the Netherlands embarking in the same role for another 2 years. In these roles, he managed international exchange programs and facilitated growth strategies on a national scale, leaving a lasting impact on the student community, startups and corporates globally.

Complementing his professional journey, Xavier is deeply committed to social impact since his studies in Coimbra , as demonstrated by his role as Volunteer Internships Director at AIESEC Coimbra NEFE, where he facilitated cross-cultural volunteer exchange experiences aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. With a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Coimbra and a Master's degree in Management from ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics & Management, he possesses a solid educational foundation. 

Xavier is shaped by a will of continuous learning, impactful leadership, and a commitment to fostering positive change in a global community and especially between Portugal and the Netherlands, starting with his role at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry between the Netherlands and Portugal.

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