Conceição Zagalo

Conceição Zagalo was born in Portugal in October 1952.

She is married, mother of two daughters and grandmother of four. She has studies management, Public Relations, and Marketing. She has developed her career at IBM for 38 years. Starting in June 1973, she had several management roles in Customer Engineering, Marketing, Sales, and Communications. Manager of Marketing, Communications and Citizenship and member of the IBM Portugal Board, she retired in April 2011 after having performed an executive assignment in Vietnam.

In 2004 she launched the IBM in Portugal Women Leadership Council.
Conceição Zagalo is now fully dedicated to volunteering and pro bono activities. She is the President of General Assembly of several ONGDs, Counsellor in several Associations, MBA teacher in a Business School.

Conceição addresses the gender equality area, is member of several communication, CCR and business juris while balancing her responsibilities with family and personal interests.

Family, jogging, travelling, reading, cooking, or gardening have a strong weight in her daily life.

Along her life Conceiçao Zagalo has received several recognitions from a wide range of organizations.

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