Dion Janssen

Dion Janssen, The CEO of the Dutch MDT Group of companies, could not foresee a future of entrepreneurial success when he worked as a Radiographer. But from these beginnings and well- intentioned efforts that’s exactly what he became – a  successful and well-known businessman. In 1983 he left the hospital to pursue his dream of  owning his own Medical Development company together with a partner who became his  wife.

As the CEO of a successful medical device group of companies he nurtured several startups; one of them was acquired by Origio a Danish company and subsequently incorporated in Cooper surgical, an American Multinational.

In 1987 he started developing Speech recognition systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) in multiple languages and specialisms and in close cooperation with leading blue-chip  companies. Thousands of systems were installed in the medical, legal and consumer field. This company was finally also acquired and integrated in a large IT manufacturer.

In 2010 he could start focusing on his research of personal radiation protection of the  Interventionalist. In 2013 he founded a state-of-the-art R & D and Manufacturing facility; MDT Xray Portugal (also known as Sophisticati Portugal) together with his wife.  About fifty-five countries are being served from this location.

As a recognised technology leader, he became a sought-after public speaker at several European interventionalist congresses about the subject of International guidelines on Radiation protection.

Dion Janssen is currently working on special protective compounds together with other Portuguese companies for radiation protection and starting up special programs for internships for students of universities as Porto (FEUP) and Coimbra. His daughter Sophie is now stepping into the footsteps of her parents with MDT Xray.

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