Nelia Camara

Nélia Câmara is a distinguished leader with over two decades of experience in the realm of Global Management, renowned for her exceptional ability to navigate complex multicultural and multidisciplinary projects. Her journey has been marked by a profound understanding of effective team leadership and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

As the Director of the School of Executives at NOVA FCT, Nélia Câmara shoulders the responsibility for the school’s management, development, and promotion. This institution is dedicated to the dissemination and application of knowledge in the domains of science and technology by fostering collaboration between academic professionals and industry experts.

Nélia’s vision underscores the importance of continuous learning in a world characterized by dynamic and unpredictable change. Lifelong knowledge acquisition, she emphasizes, is essential for aligning skills with the evolving demands of the present and the future, ensuring a swift, efficient, and cost-effective adaptation. She is a firm believer in the profound impact of Science and Technology across all sectors and industries, offering boundless opportunities, but also necessitating a greater level of responsibility from all stakeholders.

Nélia Câmara’s impressive career journey includes her role as the Global Director at Mercer, where she oversaw a diverse team of over 1500 employees until 2022. Her professional repertoire extends over two decades of leadership positions in both national and multinational organizations. Notably, prior to her executive roles, she also contributed to education as a guest lecturer at renowned institutions like NOVA FCT, ISEG, and Universidade Lusíada, and she co-founded a pioneering neuroleadership course for PWN Lisbon.

Nélia Câmara’s dedication to education, her multifaceted leadership skills, and her extensive background in global management make her an invaluable asset to the Chamber’s Advisory Board, where her insight and expertise will undoubtedly drive progress and innovation.

  • 2023-11-13
  • Advisory Board;
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